Ray Dalio: Decision Making Approach For Financial Markets and Organisations (2018)

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An interview with billionaire investor and founder of the world’s largest Hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio. In this interview, Ray discusses his decision making process and the approach of an idea meritocracy. Ray also talks how other organisations can implement an idea meritocracy, with a focus on government.? Books by Ray Dalio and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
5:30 Your principles, vision and approach?
22:38 How do you decide who is more believable?
27:03 Advice for improving decision making?
31:22 Is ambiguity a good thing?
34:54 How to you handle moral?
37:24 The White House is the opposite of a idea meritocracy, but the stock market is up?
45:17 Judging someone who is not part of the debate?
47:46 Hard for you to be skeptical of the White House?
50:49 What should you do in the turmoil of the market?
57:53 Start of Q&A
58:23 Practical advice about of using idea meritocracy in a organisation that is resistant to it?
1:01:57 Your framework for predicting the financial crash?
1:08:27 Are college campuses conducive for metricoracy debate?
1:09:32 Potential for recession?
1:14:00 What should we do now to avoid what happened in the 1930’s?
1:16:08 How you ever thought about connecting to government to improve decision making?

Ray Dalio Books ??? (affiliate link)
Principles: Life and Work: http://bit.ly/PrinciplesDalio

Ray Dalio’s Favourite Books?
The Lessons Of History: http://bit.ly/LessonsofHistory
Security Analysis: Sixth Edition:http://bit.ly/Securityanalysis

Interview Date: 21st February, 2018
Event: Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/RDalioPic7

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