A shakeup in free tax filing, and other tech stories you may have missed


9. Starbucks offers a meditation app to their employees

Think working at Starbucks is stressful? So does Starbucks. So much so that the company announced in a press release this past week that they have added Headspace — a meditation app that offers guided meditation — to the benefits that their employees will receive. The app — which is a subscription service — includes specific programs designed to help individuals with anxiety, stress, as well as many other mental health issues. The addition of Headspace is the most recent move by Starbucks to support mental health. (Source: Fast Casual)

Why this is important for your firm and clients: I’m not going to weigh in on whether it’s stressful to work at Starbucks. OK, I will. It is. But that’s not why this story is important for your firm and clients. What’s important is that Starbucks is one of a number companies that are offering apps to their employees for health, wellness, financial planning, productivity and yes, mediation, as a relatively inexpensive perk. Not a bad idea for you, is it?

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